Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peter Sellars on L.A.

Why L.A.:

Because it’s the best and worst of the future.
It’s what New York was in the 1880s.
It’s the place of immigration and big-time violence.
It’s the place where it’s all happening, which is painful and brilliant.

Friday, September 26, 2008

fuck yeah I'm making an emergency kit

I've become obsessed with making an emergency kit. Earthquakes. Financial disaster. If I was not an atheist, I'd totally believe these are The End Times. But Jesus isn't gonna take me up in the Rapture - I'm definintely gonna be left behind. Plus, living in LA, I know there's no way I'm getting myself out of here in an emergency situation. Best to hunker down with my collection of canned beans and Clif Bars.

Forget the governmental lists for building your emergency kit. Wired has the best one. I mean, they're the only ones who mention duct tape. Duh.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What are you doing right now?

One of my favorite short stories of all time is Rick Moody's "Wilkie Ridgeway Fahnstock, The Boxed Set," which tells the story of a life through liner notes to a mixed tape boxed set. Brilliant.

Finding myself as of late to be constantly mentally updating my Facebook status, I thought I would attempt the following "day in the life" as told in status updates. People's statuses are such a funny combination of the literal ("Bobby is eating dinner. Sally has a cold") and the poetic or cryptic. Seems like a good basis for a story.

(Not comparing myself by any means to Rick Moody, by the way. Cuz he's, like, wow.)

September 15, 2008

Rosemary is high off the James concert.

Rosemary is catching the last orange line of the night and reminiscing about the beginnings of a friendship.

Rosemary is Happy Birthday to me.

Rosemary is packing. :(

Rosemary is enjoying one last walk down to Centre Street.

Rosemary is figuring out the best way to avoid people with clipboards.

Rosemary received the best birthday present.

Rosemary has the most awesome-est friends ever.

Rosemary is fighting back the tears.

Rosemary is talking to another Kalamazoo native on the T.

Rosemary is Leaving on a Jet Plane

Rosemary is Going Back to Cali

Rosemary is filled with things to say, but at a loss for words.

Rosemary is saying goodbye to green, lushness, and moisture.

Rosemary is sea to shining sea.

Rosemary is coast to coast.

Rosemary is speechless.

Rosemary is Go Speed Ra...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Rosemary is laughing at the memory.

Rosemary is going to see what she can do to make her dreams come true.

Rosemary is peering through cracks in the earth.

Rosemary is shaking but not scared.

Rosemary wants to find happiness in the absurdity,

Rosemary is worshipping Wilco.

Rosemary is flying into the sunset.

Rosemary is moments away.

Rosemary sez Who cares about "Snakes on a Plane"? What about "Babies on a Plane"? Now that's scary!

Rosemary is not going to get to pee before we land.

Rosemary is glad to see Karl, but is not sure how she feels about seeing LA.

Rosemary is swinging at Swingers.

Rosemary is enjoying the end of a 27 hour birthday.

Rosemary is Wait a minute! it's 3am in Boston. Why am I still up?


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