Saturday, November 29, 2008

Arclight and the Airport

I tell you - all you have to do is stand still at the Arclight and you are guaranteed celebrity sightings.

Yesterday we went to see Milk (go see it right now - it is fantastic). I guess it was opening day, plus the day after Thanksgiving, so the theater was packed even at the early bird 5pm showing. KD Lang was there, all decked out in flannel, with her girlfriend. I heard someone say that Sean Penn was in the audience, too, but I didn't see him.

Waiting in line to validate our parking ticket, one of the Olsen twins and Kate Bosworth both walked by me (separately). Don't know if it was the anorexic twin or not, but she certainly looked healthier than Kate Bosworth who is one of the skinniest people I've ever seen.

On my previous trip to the Arclight to see Synecdoche, NY, I saw Sarah Silverman and Doug Benson going to a movie together. Actually, I heard Sarah's voice before I saw her. She looked very cute.

Finally, last month I spotted Martin Starr of Judd Apatow fame at LAX waiting for a ride. Yes, he was sporting the beard and long hair look.


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