Saturday, July 09, 2005

Perfect Love Songs

A few months ago when we were visiting Karl’s family in France, I began polling people about their top 5 perfect love songs. Now I am not a romantic person. In fact, I’m about 99% cynic. But even I have to admit that there do exist some perfect love songs. I also couldn’t think of any that had been written after the mid-80s. Most of mine were from the 60s and 70s. So I was curious to know what others thought. So far no one has come up with one from more recent times.

I’d love to hear from you. What are your top 5 (or more) perfect love songs? And by that I don’t mean unrequited love songs, or breakup songs (that’s for another post). I mean songs about I love you, you’re so great, we’re so great, this is perfect.

Here’s my list:
Maybe I’m Amazed, Paul McCartney Now I’m a John Lennon person, myself, but my best relationships have always been with Paul McCartney men. I did date that one guy that couldn’t tell the Beatles apart – that should have been a sign right there. And Lennon/Lennon relationships are too intense. There’s a reason why it was Lennon/McCartney. That’s probably why this song tops my list.

Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton I used to think this was a sad song, but a friend of mine (rightly so) told me I just thought it was sad because of personal associations. It’s a beautiful song.

God Only Knows, The Beach Boys And god only knows how Brian Wilson wrote such heartbreakingly perfect songs.

In My Life, The Beatles Nothing to say, it’s just that perfect.

You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, Gladys Knight and the Pips OK, maybe I was a bit influenced to put this on my list by High Fidelity, but it is a great song.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice, The Beach Boys I actually played this for a boyfriend when I was 17. Ah, young love!

Sweet Thing, Van Morrison My dream is for someone to sing this song to me.

Reservations, Wilco "I’ve got reservations about so many things. But not about you. Not about you.”

Just Like Heaven, The Cure Officially the most recent perfect love song.

Still the One, Orleans I’ve loved this song since I was a kid, and now am quite delighted that it actually applies to my life!

On a side note, our friend Leland sang Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” for us on our 10th anniversary. And Elvis sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” when we renewed our vows in Vegas, so those are pretty good songs, too.

Karl’s List:
He says he could only come up with three… (in no particular order):
1. Perfect Day, Lou Reed
2. Something, The Beatles
3. Pale Blue Eyes, The Velvet Underground


Chris Hartman said...

"Kentucky Woman," Neil Diamond. "Kentucky woman, you shine with your own kind of light."

"Romeo and Juliet," Dire Straits. "When you gonna realize, that it's just that the time was wrong?"

"I Must Be in Love," The Rutles. "I feel good. I feel bad. I feel happy. I feel sad. Am I in love? I must be in love."

dirk said...

Some hokey, some from left field, and in no particular order:

Psychedelic Furs – Love my Way & Ghost in You
Suzanne Vega – Language
Smiths - Hand in Glove
Olivia Newton-John – Suddenly
Husker Du – Green eyes
Thw Who – You Better You Bet
The Motels – Only the Lonely (sort of a sad sack love song like The Cars' You're all I've got Tonight)
Kate Bush – Running up that hill
ROD STEWART - You're In My Heart
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
Aha – Take on me

Sean said...

The 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields is my all-time favorite collection of love songs.

Chairman eDog said...

Anything Chef sings on South Park.


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