Friday, November 11, 2005

Topic of the Day

REM has created many exquisitely beautiful songs, but never a perfect album.



Pain said...

I think "Reckoning" is flawless, personally.

dirk said...

It may be because it's the first REM album I ever owned and played the hell out of it, but I still love Document beginning to end.
( though the two singles from the album get old fast, due to excessive radio play.)

And actually...the second REM album I bought was Dead Letter Office, which, though not a proper album(B-sides, cover songs, and band practice outtakes), I always liked a lot because they sounded like they were having a great time.
"C'mon aboard, I promise you we won't hurt the horse. We treat 'em well, we feed 'em well..."

Eve's Apple said...

OK, you might be right about Reckoning. And I guess I wouldn't mind "It's the end of the world..." without the excessive radio play, you're right.

But Murmur, for example, is a good album with the crap of "Catapult" right in the middle. Maybe that's it - Catapult ruined it all for me! That and living in Florida when Stand was out and having to hear freshman girls sing it over and over.

They've got a pretty cool website (REM, not the freshman girls):


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