Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who the Fuck is Charlie?

Well I was planning a rant about the new "Charlie Card" system in Boston, and while looking for an image of dear ol' Charlie, I happened upon this post from a fellow Boston blogger. Makes the whole thing even weirder that they would name the new card system (which replaces tokens, much like New York's Metrocard) after a character in a song that criticized fare hikes!

Anyway, my rant is more along these lines:
1) Why a white man? Doesn't Boston have enough problems with racism (ahem, Silverline)?
2) Why a human name at all? "T" has worked just fine as a name for years!
3) Doesn't Charlie look like the old Joe Camel, just with the penis nose chopped off?
4) Once you've bought a Charlie Card and you happen to want to get on the T at a stop that hasn't converted yet, you're shit outta luck. You may have money left on that card, but you're unable to use it. So you have to pay again. Typical.

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