Sunday, November 12, 2006

Celebrity Sightings

It seems the Chinese Theater is the place to go for celebrity sightings, even at a Sunday matinee of Borat. And this is just in the movie theater itself. If we'd wanted to go for some heavy-duty sightings, we could have checked out the Happy Feet premiere (rather than hanging out in Virgin) or we could have hung around for the Deck the Holidays premiere later in the day.

Sitting next to Karl was John Billingsley, best known to me as Dr. Phlox on Star Trek Enterprise. He's also in that show The Nine. I've never seen it, but I've seen the billboard. He and his companion really enjoyed the movie.

Also enjoying Borat this afternoon was Doris Roberts. I know she was on Everybody Loves Raymond (except, evidently, me), but I prefer to think of her in Remington Steele.

Yesterday, walking down Melrose, I spotted Dagney Kerr, Buffy's roommate Kathy at the beginning of season 4. She seemed to be looking at a storefront space with a friend and discussing what they would be able to do with the space. OK, I recognize that she is not a celebrity to most people, but she was on Buffy!

My most exciting celebrity sighting so far was of Juliet Landau (Drusilla on Buffy and Angel). She was in line in front of me at Oguri's performance at Electric Lodge a few weeks ago, and asked me to save her spot in line. I of course said yes!

This does not count all the celebrities I met at a benefit for World Can't Wait back in September. Let's just say at one point I was sitting at a table with Michelle Phillips next to me, and Ed Asner and Gore Vidal across from me! I was also excited to talk to Debbie Allen. I was most excited, however, to see Rene Auberjonois. Odo!!!

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