Sunday, June 03, 2007

Updated celebrity sightings

OK, so I've sunk into the swamp of graduate school these past few months, and have badly neglected my blog! Here are a few tasty celebrity sightings to tide you over til I have more time to post on what are sure to be exciting summer adventures!

While going to see Zodiac at the Arclight in Hollywood, we saw three stars of The Shield in the lobby, probably waiting to see a movie themselves, Jay Karnes, Catherine Dent, and a pregnant Cathy Cahlin Ryan.

This probably reflects negatively on me, but I ran into Betty White in the waiting room of my podiatrist's office! (After posting this, my friend Debra Sweet at World Can't Wait informed me that Betty is down with WCW - cool!)

And finally, I spotted Samm Levine from Freaks and Geeks enjoying The Coup at Coachella.

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