Saturday, June 07, 2008

Theorizing the Fist Bump

OK, I think it's a sign of our 24-hour-news-channel-instant-blogging culture that so much has been written about "the fist bump heard round the world" or the "fist bump of hope." That said, here are some of my favorites.

I still can't quite believe that Time has an article called "A Brief History of the Fist Bump," which really does attempt, well, a brief history of the fist bump.

And check out this page, with some amusing sports-like instant replays and priceless "fast facts" about the Obama fist bump.

The Baltimore Sun, unlike the previous two sources, analyzes the significance of the gesture in African American culture, and places it in the context of Obama's other displays of gestural currency.


Priyanka said...
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Priyanka said...

Fox news got it right this time... it is a terrorist fist bump!
Click here for the video.

Perdu said...

Speaking personally, I do love me some Hezbollah fist-bumping now and again.


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