Monday, August 04, 2008

Malibu Public Beaches Safari

We just did this great program yesterday with the LA Urban Rangers. While CA law mandates that coastline is public land, beachfront communities like Malibu do their best to try and limit public access. For example, Malibu stretches along 27 miles of the coast, and 20 of those miles are lined with private development. So how do you get access to those stretches of coastline? The LA Urban Rangers lead "safaris" to Malibu beaches and teach you how to know what part of the beach is in fact public (wet sand, for example is always public), how to tell which of those threatening signs on multimillion dollar homes are blatantly untrue and which are partially true, and basically how to access shore line that de facto only rich people are able to enjoy. It's a great subversive and witty tour that I highly recommend for next year! Or if you're out in LA, we love to share our new-found knowledge with you!

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