Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleigh! Bells!

With all the shit going down in Arizona, writing deadlines, physical pains, the economy...(the list goes on), the band Sleigh Bells came over my headphones tonight like a breath of fresh air...If fresh air were infectious poppy, funky electro-bliss that immediately lightens your mood by hitting you over the head - hard - with cotton candy. 

Here's a video of the opening track to their new album performed live at SXSW. They evidently had a lot of technical problems that night, but you can catch the joy in this version, nonetheless.

For a short time you can listen to the entire album Treats for free at NPR's Exclusive First Listen.  

Bob Boilen writes, "I recently made the mistake of putting it on at 6:45 a.m., and I don't think they meant for me to do that." Well, Bob, I haven't tried that yet, but I can tell you that at 11:04 p.m. Sleigh Bells is just what the ear doctor ordered.

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