Sunday, August 01, 2010

Grocery Shopping at the Suu-paa

The grocery store near where I'm staying seems to pretty consistently play a muzak version of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." Makes shopping giggle-worthy.

Today I chose things to buy based on their use of funny or bizarre English names. Like the jello dessert I bought it called "Jelly Ace." Crunky, pictured below, gave me visions of Lil Jon doing commercials for it. Imagine a crunch bar wrapped around an almond, and yo! you're crunky! Ye-ah! Whhhhat?

But White Ghana just leaves me doing that Jon Stewart bit where he rubs his eyes while making the sound of windows being cleaned, followed by a bug-eyed "whaaaaaaa?????" If you can't read the subtitle, it says "Milky Aroma with Superior Quality Flavor: New Standard Chocolate." First of all, do I really want a milky aroma in my food? But the real question is, why did the maker of this chocolate think "hmm, when I think of white chocolate, what do I think of? I know...the West African nation of GHANA. Yes, that's it, let's call our houito chocoreto 'White Ghana'." Ok, so cocoa is one Ghana's major exports, so I get the linking of chocolate and Ghana in the name. I guess no one thought through the implications of the white part. I don't even like white chocolate, but I just had to get this.

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Karlissimo del Banco said...

Me likey white chocolate...


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