Monday, August 01, 2005

Guess Who's Back!

OK, my adoring fans, I'm back. I've been out of things, because well, life got in the way. Family crisis, leaving old job, getting new job... you know, the minor stuff.

Right now I'm writing from a wonderful place, the Pan-T Ranch in Montana. It's really amazing and beautiful here, not like any place I've ever been. I'm here with 6 other fabulous women, 2 who I already knew and 4 new friends. These are some kick-ass women: an abortion provider who stood up to relentless protests at her home by the Lambs of Christ (who are neither meek nor Christ-like), an anti-nuke activist who has gone to jail more than 100 times for protesting nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons, a woman who ran a domestic violence shelter more than 20 years, an amazing vegetarian cook, a young communist who's done great work with homeless youth in New York City, and a woman who started out her activism by telling Nixon to stop the war as she received the "Young American Medal for Service" and hasn't stopped since. We went to a peace rally today in Livingston, MT with "Montana Women For..." It was good to see what's going on in some place other than the north east in terms of protesting the war.

In addition to all the great women, there are some great animals here, too. My favorite is the brand new kitten, Blue. I am rarely without her in my arms. Yesterday I announced that I was starting a new form of meditation called "kitty meditation" that involves relaxing by playing with the kitten. There is also an older cat named Sam, and 4 dogs: Kili, Violet, Bean, and Katie. I have been informed by the women here that I have to change my profile - they say I am not a future crazy cat lady, but that I am already there.

But it's not all relaxing, here. We are spreading the word about the World Can't Wait in between wonderful meals.

I'll try and post more while I'm here, and before I start my new job next week with Military Families Speak Out.

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Anonymous said...

MFSO is awesome. Happy you're working with them.


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