Monday, August 20, 2007

13 August 2007: Head to Head

In a head to head comparison of LAX to Taipei flights, Eva Air comes out the winner versus Malaysian Airlines so far.

First of all, Eva confirmed my vegetarian meal right away, and everything was so delicious! The seats also seemed bigger with more room between aisles, but that may also be because Eva uses Airbus planes and the Malaysian Airlines planes are 747s. The best thing about Eva, however, was the wonderful apricot facial mist to be found in each lavatory. Every plane should have this! It was so refreshing, and really helped with the dehydration and static-y hair. So far, Malaysian Airlines is unbearably hot and the seats feel smaller, and they didn’t have my order for vegetarian meals (though the staff did go out of their way to scrounge one up for me). But they do have extensive movie selections (I watched Waitress, The Hoax, and to continue the Howard Hughes theme, The Aviator, which was much better than I expected.) Malaysian Airways also has – genius! – a self-serve water dispenser.

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