Sunday, August 05, 2007

Backstreet's Back!

Or backing into me, at least. Saw Kevin Richardson yesterday, late of the Backstreet Boys, at Samy's Camera. He was with his wife and newborn baby, and nearly backed into me with the stroller while we were all waiting to get on the elevator. K & I ended up taking the stairs, and were treated to some classic rock 'n roll photos by Jim Marshall.

I'm on fire with celebrity sightings lately, or maybe it's just that I'm actually out and about in LA, rather than stuck in my home-UCLA-home rut.

Today we had lunch at the Vegan Joint, where the breakfast burritos and hash browns were very tasty, but the service left something to be desired. Afterwards, we had delicious homemade gelato at the adorable Gelato Fantasia (I had pistachio, K had coffee and hazelnut). While there we heard the funniest song ever. The chorus goes something like "my heart is an icebox (I'm so cold, so cold, so cold)". Turns out it's a song by Omarion. It really made me giggle! I haven't heard anyone use the word icebox since my grandmother passed away 9 years ago. (actual lyrics can be found here)

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Cheeze Logg said...

Helen's mother still says "icebox." She also refers to any audio device as a "Victrola." A blender is a "Waring Blender," regardless of the actual brand name. All other electrical appliances are simply called "machines."


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