Sunday, September 23, 2007

22 September 2007: Homeward Bound

I experienced my only significant flight delay today, which is pretty good considering I had 8 flights in 6 weeks. After sitting on the tarmac for almost 3 hours this morning in KL and the engineering crew trying to fix a hydraulic pump, the captain finally decided that we would have to switch planes (better a late plane than a broken plane, I always say), and that our 9:40 am departure would be rescheduled to 2pm.

So my already long journey of 18 hours expanded to almost 24. I entertained myself on the plane with mindless superhero films such as Superman Returns and the two Fantastic Four movies. Despite how bad Ocean’s 12 was, I decided to give 13 a go, if for no other reason than to be entertained by all the pretty faces on the screen. It was pretty bad, but you can’t really ask much of a film when you’re looking at an 8 inch screen 1 ½ feet in front of your face. I also watched the excellent documentary Scorsese on Scorsese.

I have no words of wisdom to wrap up this sojourn as of right now. Just glad to be home with Karl and my kitties!

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Perdu said...

Ocean's 12 was terrible. What a phone-it-in effort from Clooney and the guys. And of course Julia Roberts was abysmal.


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