Saturday, September 01, 2007

30 August 2007: Random thoughts

Today I bought some chocolate and cookies. Chocolate was Cadbury, but it didn’t taste like the Cadbury I’m used to – in fact, it tasted like India. The ingredients didn’t include any spices, but I could swear there was something in there. The cookies were advertised as “the world’s best moulded chocolate chip cookies.” I guess they were “moulded” in the sense that they were square and had ridges.

I am staying in the Kuvempunagara section of Mysore. Around 4:30 the park across the street is full of young couples courting, sitting next to each other on benches, feet on the ground, arms crossed or at their sides, not touching, talking quietly. From the helmets and scooters, it seems this is a date destination. I notice the park transforms into a site of older people’s evening constitutionals just 2 hours later.

Most laundry detergent that I’ve seen here comes in a bar. I did get a small packet of “jasmine and rose” Tide powder, with instructions on it for bucket washing, and although it calls for a “Tide scoop’s” worth of powder, there is no indication how much that might be. I think I have finally made friends with “the bucket” – it really is a versatile item.

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