Thursday, April 01, 2010

An Early Frontrunner for My Top Music of '10

There's just something about Eef Barzelay's voice that I love. In this single, Denise, off of his band Clem Snide's new album, their alt-country sound, produced of course in Nashville, is just perfect. The melodies are hopeful, the lyrics intimate, and Barzelay's voice makes you think he is singing only to you, softly in your ear, late at night in some generic diner in a town you both can't wait to get out of but probably won't anytime soon. It's that heartbreaking beauty that, when it's done right, makes alt-country so exquisite.

Here's a video of another track off the album, "Walmart Parking Lot."

Clem Snide - Walmart Parking Lot from Clem Snide on Vimeo.


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