Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is Why I Love Eef Barzelay So Much

Check out these lyrics to "Apocalyptic Friend" from 2008 his solo album Lose Big:

My dear apocalyptic friend
Convinced the world will shortly end
I only want to hold you in my arms
And whisper softly that it's alright
If God decides to kill the lights
And back to stardust we return again
When rapture comes I understand your car will likely be unmanned
But what about those sitting in the back
Strapped into the baby's seat
Sweet milk sticking to their feet

You can listen to the song here (scroll down to find the song)

Incidentally, I had a dream once in which I was riding in the back seat of a car as the end of the world began (in the form of nuclear missile attacks), and I'm happy to report that my friend driving did not disappear but calmly executed a U-turn on a highway (!!) and got us out of immediate danger. I take great comfort in this dream. 

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